Friday, November 1, 2019

Business plan Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words - 3

Business plan - Essay Example Definitely different boutique had clients who had attended the ceremony and whose designs were outstanding. The journalist who reported this on the news paper termed the designs as definitely different. Initially, the owner carried out designing at his home. He could take customer requests and design their outfits. This lasted for seven years till when loyal and impressed customers urged him to direct his talent toward a retail operation with the promise that they will continue to support the boutique. The customers helped in the establishment of the boutique by providing up to 30 percent of the startup costs. Definitely different boutique has been in this business for a while now and people’s responses have been similar. Definitely different boutique’s designs have impressed many people and been receiving positive responses from our clients and prospective clients. Consideration of a client’s request and demands come first in execution of the boutique’s operations. Most of the fashion trends always focus on the youth. Our target market will be the youth mid twenties professional men and women, and mature women with more disposable income who are looking for definitely different outfits for special occasions and home or business wear. Definitely different company has six competent employees, 3 sells assistants and 3 seamstresses. The seamstresses are graduates from the London School of Fashion. In addition, they also have attained needlework degrees from the London School of Needlework. They are highly trained and competent and experienced. They trained for three years and gained experience in dress making and broidery at the Paris Fashion House. Moreover, they also gained experience while training in Italy. The three sales assistants are highly competent and experienced. They previously had been employed on a part time basis as in-house models for a TV show on air fashion

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