Tuesday, July 23, 2019

Recruitment and Selection Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 words

Recruitment and Selection - Essay Example To be able to fully benefit from the technology, network and database systems, and media technologies that can be used for interview, high-sped connectivity to the internet is advised and technical support staff are advised (Horwitz et al, 2006). Another key issue that is being focused in e-recruitment is the issue regarding security and fraud. Among the concerns regarding security is the accesses to applicants' information particularly contact details (E-recruitment, 2006). Though e-commerce and related online regulations have already addressed these issues, there are still some fears that information is being sold to third parties or used for other purposes either with or without the consent of e-recruiters (Nickel & Schaumburg, 2004). As e-recruitment also became more popular, recruitment frauds also became prevalent. Aside for standard anti-fraud regulation, most of the efforts to curb the activities have been initiated largely by legitimate e-recruiters (Grabner-Kruter & Kaluscha, 2003). E-recruitment has encouraged the flexibility of labor and has encouraged work migration. It has also been able to improve data basing and management employee information to support other human resource functions (Sridhar, 2005). Another key improvement it has been able to bring to the industry is in the enhancement of communications with prospective employees and hiring agencies. It has allowed real time coordination and management of information that has been effective in shortening and improving efficiency of the whole hiring process (Liu and Wang, 2006). On the part of applicants, it has in turn allowed to more options and access to jobs and companies respectively. The utilization of online applications has also significantly cut the cost of applying for jobs and communicating with perspective companies (Yoon Kin Tong & Sivanand). Development E-recruitment developed in conjunction with the trend of outsourcing of support services as part of down-sizing efforts in the late 1980's. However, e-recruitment has to wait a few more years before it came into the form we know today because of the lack of necessary technological capacity to support it. The first forms of e-recruitment involved either the posting of job vacancies in traditional media or coursing of applications to online addresses or by posting of jobs on online posting boards and coursing through snail mail or offices (Grabner-Kruter & Kaluscha, 2003). The eventual popularity of e-mails, increased capacity of the internet communications and higher computing capacity are the basis of e-recruitment industry as it is known today. E-recruitment models today have to develop the "capability of HR to facilitate the system and to view the staffing process as an end-to-end process" (Kerrin & Kettley, 2006) E-commerce E-recruitment is one of the success stories of e-commerce. The first models took the form of job postings that were part packaged with traditional recruitment outsourcing services. Improvement on the internet and database capacity eventually created the next model of e-recruitment that was an independent service. This model asked for employees to become members of the service by including their information into a database wherein they could view available jobs online (New E-recruitment

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