Sunday, July 28, 2019

RP 3.2 Online Ethical Business project Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

RP 3.2 Online Ethical Business project - Essay Example The particular phone is then shipped to the buyer within 1-5 days depending on their location. The business will be aimed at providing services to customers while not infringing on the customer privacy and the Digital Copyright Act (SBA, 2013). The business will therefor comply with all the legal considerations and requirement for an online business. Some of these requirement include the fact that, the business will be duly registered as an online business by the national and the local authorities for the issues of tax remittance. To our customers, we will comply with the customer privacy regulations of not sharing their vital and personal information with any other entity and we will ensure that the customers’ personal information remains personal and private. Just like in every business, we will be faced with a stiff competition in the market. We’re aware of the already existing well established companies that deal do online cell phone retailing. Some of the major players in this market include Amazon, Mobile city online, OLX and others. However, that will not encourage us from operating and having our own market niche and create our customer base. We will involve in thorough advertisement through social media, television and magazines in order to increase our popularity. We will ensure that we collaborate with phone manufacturers so that we be among the first people to sell the newly released phone models. This way, we will be able to attract more clients who are in the category of those who would want to be the first to use such new models (James, 2012). We will then win our customers through this strategy and ensure we sell online high quality phones in order to stay on top of competition. For the start, the business will only be able to serve the clients in the United Kingdom. Here, it will be able to at least meet the cost of delivering the purchased phones to the

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