Saturday, August 24, 2019

Business Process and Systems Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Business Process and Systems - Research Paper Example NBK is one of the most successful banks in Kuwait and since they started in the banking industry and they became more experienced in it than other banks. They can be found everywhere around the country, so everyone can reach them when they need to and their Headquarter is located in Sharq. Their website helps their customers to get some of the things that they want such as transferring money between accounts even if the accounts are not owned by NBK. Since the bank is private and owned by shareholders it is classified as an investment for the bank, they also help individuals to invest their money in trust funds in profitable way. The bank gives loans to both companies and individuals to help them with what they need and they get interest rate in when the loan is paid off. They give sponsorships to some practical activities as a marketing way for the bank. There is a variety of offers that they provide to attract and avoid losing customers. Some of the offers they provide are Alwaha m aster card which gives customers mileage each time they purchase something with it and they can use those mileage to go anywhere they like around the world in Kuwait airlines. Another offer is people that have bank accounts with NBK they get half price on movies tickets during the weekends. There is also fifteen percent discount for New Smile dental clinic. The bank strategic plan is to maintain strong position against their rivals in the banking industry specially in Islamic banking segment and to increase their relationship both in Kuwait and around the world. Securing resources is a priority for the bank such resources are investors, cash, and interest rates. Investors help the bank to get its capital and return equity to them as well as profits depending the number of shares each investor has in the bank. On the other hand, cash is an important resource for the bank since it is

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