Tuesday, August 13, 2019

Outsourcing Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words - 2

Outsourcing - Essay Example The location comes into it when the third party operates from beyond the borders making it off shore outsource process. The process of off shore on the other hand pertains to relatively large scale hand over of resources and other functions. There are number of salient features to this concept and these include restoring function, crisis management, economic utility, broader options and variety of field selection. The potential downsides to it include more hassle of handling the global operations, ensuring for overall safety of operations and other potential embezzlements and privacy breaches. The given concepts do bring along trends of cross cultural interaction as well. India in this regard serves as a hub towards the growing outsourced market. India’s I.T based sector is seeing a gradual expansion in this regard. Business Process Outsourcing’ (BPO) is another generic concept which pertains to the outsource practices in numerous disciplines. It entails the business engagement activities between the stakeholders. (Sharma 2004). Another understanding of BPO is making use of the modern techniques and technology for an overall better output yield. BPO stands distinctive from the generally prevailing off shore outsource process. Application Service Provider’ (ASP) is an aided tool in the entire process where BPO entails a whole set of digital system including state of the art web browsers and other online databases. Incorporating BPO against ASP brings about element of risk to the incumbent organization in authority. The outsourced entities and domains within the organizations that are subjected to the practices of outsource and off shore business ventures include the ones that are in front line of action in the organization, namely the information system based networks, the human resource aspect which brings about the cultural context, the financial handling aspect. In short the BPO enables keeping a regular check upon

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