Saturday, August 10, 2019

The Analysis Paper Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

The Analysis Paper - Essay Example The writers offer some proposals for reforms and examples of Universities that have attained quality and efficiency in their learning, teaching and research missions. The main purpose of the essay is to highlight the high cost of higher education, the decline in education standards and propose ways of attaining quality education among American institutions of higher education. The main ideas are cost, quality, and efficiency of education among colleges in the society. The first paper of the essay highlights the increasing cost of education, the proposals that will reform the college system and finally examples of Universities that have excelled in their mission. Thesis: colleges are worth the price of admission. First, I disagree with Hacker and Dreifus that the costs of college tuition have increased over the generation. The writers have ignored the economic developments witnessed by the country over the past few years. In this case, the authors do not factor the drastic rise in inf lation and increase in money supply in the economy. Accordingly, the authors compare the costs of tuition with mortgage repayments, but fail to factor the high economic hardships experienced by institutions in securing alternative sources of funding due to economic meltdown and financial crisis (Hacker and Dreifus, p 180). I also disagree with Hacker and Dreifus that ‘higher education has lost track and its enduring purpose’. I agree with the authors that colleges must persuade students to be more engaged and attentive. In this way, Professors must be capable of challenging young minds in solving societal problems. It is true that employers have for long complained of poor graduate skills, despite the high costs that such students incur while pursuing university degrees. However, I believe the writers have conducted their research on few institutions and ignored the fact that each institution of higher learning has its unique qualities. Generally, it would be wrong to c onclude that higher education has lost its enduring purpose (Hacker and Dreifus, p 188). I also agree with Hacker and Dreifus that universal enrolment should be a nations’ goal. All students must be granted equal opportunities of access through implementing different courses that cater for unique learning needs of each aspiring students. For instance, universities must blend both arts and sciences in their curriculum in order to tap the unique talents of aspiring students. According to me, techno-teaching is a noble idea that will provide students with more visual and interactive learning experience. It is true the current advancement in information communication technologies can foster the learning outcomes and experiences in colleges and universities through providing visual aids to learners and establishing interactive online platforms for student discussions (Hacker and Dreifus 182). Hacker and Dreifus claims that too many benefactors donate to Universities that are alrea dy over funded (p 183). However, I believe that benefactors have their right to donate to their past institutions or universities where in their view perceive the universities offer quality education to the students. In this case, the

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