Tuesday, August 27, 2019

The american Scene no country for old men Essay

The american Scene no country for old men - Essay Example The beginning of the movie is witnessed with Sherriff and Tom Bell conversing with another character. The two characters are talking about the past of the Sheriff’s in Texas in different areas. From the camera one is able to see the vistas that are gorgeous from western Texas. The images are crisp and beautiful and the transitions look seamless. As an example, there is the depiction that there are no individuals (witnesses) when Moss spots a dog that is hobbling when he is hunting antelopes and it is at a distance. The only things that can be viewed at a distance are five to four pickup trucks with open doors. There are no witnesses or individuals to account on what has actually taken place for the trucks to look abandoned. The bareness of the land is made clear when he begins to head towards the trucks and all that can viewed are dead bodies in the tall grass with no individuals to explain the real causes of their death. The absence of witnesses is even stressed when there ar e battles in the streets with the hit men and gangs of Mexican all in the pursuit of the money in Moss possession. At the end of the movie, most of the characters that could have provided the real account of what actually took place are dead. These include the individuals Moss found dead from the drug deal, Moss himself, Clara Jean who was the wife to Moss, and store and hotel clerks that Chigurh killed (Coen & Coen). Most of the area in the movie is expansive and desolate with no homes. This, in the movie, is evidenced by an expansive desert. In addition, when moss as hunting, the land was mainly occupied by tall grass. Some of the homes that are shown in the movie are the trailer home belonging to Llewelyn Moss the Vietnam-veteran where he lived with his wife Clara Jean. From the footage there are fewer houses around their home hence the evidence that there was lack of homes. The other one is that belonging to Carla

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