Thursday, August 8, 2019

Quantitative and Qualitative Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Quantitative and Qualitative - Research Paper Example The articles contained in the chapter by Mertler & Charles (2011) major on identifying substance abuse issues in high schools. The author of the article does not take account of the purpose of the research; rather the author goes ahead and writes on what the survey depicts. The purpose of a research is vital since it acts as an eye opener to the readers on what the survey research focuses on, and thus the reader can follow through easily. Organization In the article on maternity deaths, the organization of ideas is clear; the author gives the heading, clearly outlines the purpose of the study and then writes an abstract followed by the body which gets segmented into various subtopics. The body has the various methods of data collection, the results and analysis of the results. Mertler & Charles (2011) then stipulates the problems experienced during the research study and gives a brief conclusion. The author in the provided article on drug use by high school organizes the research wor k systematically. Though the researcher does not give the purpose, there is a clear introductory statement. Organization of any survey research is vital since it helps readers to capture every detail included in the reading. Data collection and analysis Considering research on the drug use by high school students, the data is outlined in terms of the percentage levels. The author, for example, states that 35.4 percent of students in 10th grade used drugs while the students who used drugs in 12th grade constitute of 48.6 of the student population. This is seen in the research on maternity deaths, and it helps when coming up with the discussion to act as evidence that the information is authentic (Mertler & Charles, 2011). Conclusions The authors have different ways of concluding their research. The author in the American Journal gives a brief discussion of the research and declares the research relevant while the author in the chapter reading concludes by giving future guidelines on alienating the vice. Both conclusions are vital to ensure that all information is included and renders the research relevant. According to Mertler & Charles (2011), correlational research involves observations by a researcher regarding to a previous situation and in this research there is no intervention from the researcher. In other types of research, researchers manipulate the current situation and check the results of the preliminary manipulations. When dealing with intended results, correlation research identifies the association between two factors or more than two factors while other types of research concentrate on the learning of how changes in a factor affect another factor. Other types of research focus on exclusive types such as experiments for experimental research while Correlational research deals with case studies, survey research, naturalistic observations and archival research. In experimental research, as well as quasi-experimental research, the researchers need to perform actual experiments so as to get exact results regarding the experiment. This implies that the experiment conducted especially in research laboratories forms the basis for the data sources. Though data from previous research may be useful, many researchers who want accurate and authentic results prefer to carry out their own experiments but also use the previous results as reference points for their experiments. Actual

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