Wednesday, October 23, 2019

American Writers Essay

Introduction This is a kind of work that I like very much to do because of help me to remember and memorize everything that I learned and help me to broaden my vocabulary. In this journal I’m going to do a brief analysis of everything that I learned in classes, poems, films, magazines, authors, books and other things. My objectives in this journal are not only get a good mark but also, as I mencioned, learned something else. So, enjoy this travel! â€Å"Introduction to Poetry† by Billy Collins 18/09/2012. â€Å"Two Trains Running† by Tony Hoagland 18/09/2012 What is poetry? 20/09/2012 Poetry is a form of writing in which the author chooses the length of the lines, and not the publisher. Terry Eagletor â€Å"High Windows† by Philip Larkin 20/09/2012 Poems about writing poetry 25/09/2012 â€Å"Purity† by Billy Collins â€Å"I go back to May 1937† by Sharon Olds 25/09/2012 â€Å"Paradelle for Susan† by Billy Collins 25/09/2012 â€Å"Duck/Rabbit† by Billy Collins 25/09/2012 Factors that influenced interpretation 2/10/2012 Example: â€Å"The Sick Rose† by William Blake. Satan Says (Pitt poetry series): Sharon Olds (1980) 4/10/2012 â€Å"The sisters of sexual treasure† â€Å"First night† â€Å"Indictment of Senior Officers† â€Å"Satan says† â€Å"Tricks† â€Å"The language of the brag† â€Å"Night terrors† â€Å"Late† â€Å"The housewives watching morning TV† â€Å"Prayer† The Dead and the Living: Sharon Olds (1984) â€Å"Poem to my first lover† â€Å"New mother† The Unswept Room: Sharon Olds (2002) â€Å"His Costume† â€Å"Blood, Tin, Straw†- 1999 16/10/2012 â€Å"Coming of Age, 1966† by Sharon Olds â€Å"The Toilet† by Gcina Mhlophe 18/10/2012. Extract of a novel â€Å"Dirty Weekend† by Helen Zahavi 23/10/2012 Introduction to the Sherman Alexie’s book â€Å"Flight† 6/11/2012 Chapter 1 and 2 Chapters 3 to 10 of â€Å"Flight† by Sherman Alexie 8/11/2012 Magazine â€Å"Native Peoples† 8/11/2012 â€Å"Flight is supposed to be beautiful . It’s supposed to be pure. † 13/11/2012 Movie â€Å"War Party† by Franc Roddam 15/11/2012 Literary and non-literary texts J M Coetzee- â€Å"The Life and Times of Michael K† Toni Morrison- â€Å"A Mercy† Anita Heiss- â€Å"Avoiding Mr. Right† Zane Grey- â€Å"The Spirit of the Border†. Stephen King- â€Å"The wolves of the Calla† Literary texts| | â€Å"A Mercy† by Toni Morrisonâ€Å"The Wolves of the Calla† by Stephen Kingâ€Å"The Spirit of the Border† by Zane GreyThese, are literary texts because express the inner and subjective reality of the author, allows various interpretations and not intended to inform but recreate the reality. | | Feminism 18/10/2012 â€Å"In a different voice†:Carol Gilligan â€Å"Writing a woman’s life†: Carolin Heilbrun â€Å"Ariel†: Sylvia Plath â€Å"As Novas Cartas Portuguesas†: Maria Teresa Horta

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