Monday, October 21, 2019

How to De-Ice Your Windshield Using Brine

How to De-Ice Your Windshield Using Brine Theres no need to wait for your cars defroster to warm up to melt the ice on your windshield. You can defrost your windshield much more quickly using a few tricks from science (and, if you want, a bucket of brine). Tips and Tricks If its not super cold outside, warm water works well as a quick defroster. You can pour warm water over your windshield and use the wipers to clear it off. If its really cold outside, though, this will only add another layer of ice to your windshield (best case scenario) or, by creating an extreme temperature difference, cause it to crack (worst case). Salt water works for the same reason that salt alone works as a de-icing agent (and warm salt water is your best bet). The ions in salt water lower the freezing point of water, causing the ice to melt. After melting, the water will attempt to re-freeze, but the temperature will need to be colder than 32 degrees Fahrenheit for that to occur. When it comes to de-icing, not all salts are created equal. Normal table salt works well when it isnt too cold out. Road salt, which has a different chemical composition, works better when the temperature is very low. Salt exposure isnt great for your car, though, so keep that in mind. If you use saltwater to clear away ice, you will want to clean your car later. An even quicker way to melt the ice on your windshield is one you may already know- placing your bare hand against the windshield. This works because (a) your hand is warm and (b) your hand is solid. Warm solids contain more particles per unit area to convey heat to the windshield than warm air alone (because molecules in the air are very far apart). For this reason, any warm solid will de-ice the windshield faster than air. Any warm liquid will de-ice more quickly than air for the same reason. You dont have to use your hand, though. The sole of a warm shoe would work just as well; so would a warm book, for that matter. The denser the object, the more effective it will be. The heat capacity of the material matters, too, which is one reason why your hand is such a great defrosting tool. If its not too cold out, try using a warm, damp towel on the windshield. If its bitterly cold, the ice scraper is still your best bet. If you have a garage and live in a warm climate, you can prevent the frost from forming in the first place by parking inside. You can also use common household chemicals to defrost your windshield. These materials apply freezing point depression to clear the ice. Its a good idea to use your wipers and fluid after you apply them because they can be sticky or corrosive. Of the items listed below, rubbing alcohol is your best bet for fast defrosting without damage: Pickle juice (saltwater brine)Beet juiceKool-Aid (or any other sugary soft drink)Soda (with sugar)VinegarRubbing alcohol

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