Tuesday, October 15, 2019

The education in the field of nursing in the commendable program Essay

The education in the field of nursing in the commendable program - Essay Example This research will begin with the statement that according to an anonymous quote, â€Å"save one life, you are a hero. Save 100 lives, you are a nurse†. It would not be wrong to consider the profession of nursing as one of the strong pillars in the field of medicine. This profession not only involves the acquisition of effective medical knowledge and skills, it also requires a tender heart that can sympathize with the pain of the patients. The relevance of nursing is often undermined by being overshadowed with more attractive jobs of surgeons and consultants. The researcher believes that the doctors’ treatments need to be coupled with effective and tender care by nurses to ensure long term health for the patients. It is due to this belief that the author has been inclined towards this noble profession since many years and wants to pursue his education in your esteemed institution. The author’s childhood memories have some instances when the author’s parent s would take me to a shelter and spend time with the less fortunate ones in the society. It was often witnessed that effective medical treatment was being given to them, however, the tender care of their loved ones was missing which would lead to boosting their morale and head them towards the road of better health. The absence of family members in the lives of such people was seen to be filled with the care of nurses. The commitment of those professionals was worth admiration which made me work as a volunteer nurse for a few times.

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