Saturday, October 19, 2019

Critique of Why We Need Violent Video Games Essay

Critique of Why We Need Violent Video Games - Essay Example The trend being witnessed in the type of video games being sold to the consumers is that they are being modeled to be so entertaining. In addition, they are also made to be more involving as they tend to encourage the players to be part of the script of the games. Statistics reveal that approximately 97% of the teenagers in the US usually play video games. Moreover, the sales of this form of popular entertainment among the teenagers are rapidly growing. However, they are perceived to be implicating both positively and negatively to the children of US. Interestingly, some individuals have become the proponents advocating for violent video games by arguing that the society actually need them. Therefore, little consensus and agreements have been reached on the issue.Carey illuminates that researchers are seeking to give clarification on what can be perceived as the effects of games that are violent. Carey (2013) further asserts that playing those games do not either stir urges that are hostile or behavior that is aggressive in the short term. Admittedly, children addicted to gaming tend to be relatively aggressive. There is no clarity on whether long term addiction or habit of playing violent video games increases the probability of an individual indulging in violent criminal activities such as rape, murder, or even massacre. Short term laboratory experiments on the arousal of the psychological and physical aggression as a form of behavior as a result of gaming indicates more aggression.

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