Friday, October 18, 2019

The Role of Iron in Attenuating Tooth Deterioration Coursework

The Role of Iron in Attenuating Tooth Deterioration - Coursework Example onally, it is a transmissible, multifactorial, and dietobacterial disease, and the presence of iron in the diet plays a role in the clinical and development features of the infection. Despite the fact that this disease is complex and as such a grave threat to toddlers, it is preventable. From their research, the authors were able to deduce that those with low serum iron content had a higher risk of having dental caries. According to the article, ECC is generally believed to be directly related to the establishment of S. mutans in the early stages of tooth deterioration. In this, iron has an inhibitory role, which prevents the growth of the microorganism, thus, preventing tooth deterioration. Nevertheless, it is worth noting that the authors suggest that there is a need to assess the level of iron in children with ECC. Schroth, Robert, Levi, Jeremy, Kliewer, Eleonore, Friel, James  and   Moffatt, Michael. "Association between iron status, iron deficiency anemia and severe ealry childhood caries: a control study." BMC, (2013): 13:22. Similarly, from the research by Schroth et al. (13-22), one is able to deduce the role of iron in attenuating teeth deterioration. In their article, the authors noted that tooth decay generally affect the well-being of children. They noted this through their studies that included the assessment of differences in regard to the nutritional status between children with and those without Severe Early Childhood Caries (S-ECC). From their finding, which young children with S-ECC have a low ferritin status compared to those with no caries. Additionally, they reported that children with S-ECC are characterized with low haemoglobin level than those who are dental caries-free. The former had a high level of iron deficiency as compared to those children who are cavity free. In regard to the above, it is important to note that in most cases low hemaglobin is considered a sign of low iron levels in the blood leading to anemia. With the above

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