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Deviance Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 5000 words

Deviance - Essay Example The acquired historical sources were applied for life course perspective which has been a very valuable asset in modern criminology. It helps to find out whether the offenders have suffered from stigma / criminal label through an examination of four demographic events a) relocation b) matrimony c) career growth and d) death. Yes label had its own repercussions in changing the course of life of a criminal dramatically. â€Å"Deviance Is Not A Quality Of The Act The Person Commits But Rather A Consequence Of The Application By Others Of Rules And Sanctions To An Offender† (Becker, 1963: 9). Introduction It is matter of fact that the offenders upon release from the incarceration found limited opportunities for them to grab lucrative jobs. The available data does not disclose how offenders experienced their life in prisons and how other peoples around them viewed it. There is every reason to believe that the laws have chosen its own path which of course was not similar to that pat h of non criminals. Whatever study conducted so far, indicates the difficult lives of the criminals in and out side the prison. The most difficult phase in their life is the indifferent attitude of the society1. We cite here case example of law breaker Jonas Petter Wedin, who was born and brought up in a farmer’s home. His father was died of a natural death leaving behind a widow and five children with no source of income to live on. His mother and five brothers and sisters made to live on the goodwill of others. That compelled him to join the criminals to earn livelihood for him and for other family members. Discussion Deviance In sociological term, deviance is the behaviour of the offender against the acceptable norms of a society. Hence, it is the area of sociologists, psychologists and criminologists to study and find out the causes of abnormal behaviour of the offenders against the society’s norms and why they insist to follow their own rules and regulations2. Vio lation of Social Norms In fact norms, rules, regulations and expectations are the guiding principals to live in a society peacefully. Deviations of mentioned norms reflect the failure of an offender to comply with the set standards of life. They do not believe in â€Å"live and let live others†. However, social norms vary from culture to culture (e.g. in USA, one has to see eye to eye while having a word with each other whereas in Asia averting eyes is a symbol of politeness and respect. However, direct eye contact in Asia during conversation is considered rude), location to location and country to country e.g., a deviant act if committed in one culture, location or country may not necessarily be considered as abnormal attitude in other culture, location and the country3. Reactive construction We observed in day to day life that specific condition compels minority of a society to keep them aloof. We all agree on this point that killing of a human being neither permissible nor appreciable in any society, unless it specifically permitted by the government in time of war or in self defence4. Component of Social Deviant Behaviour Review of the deviant behaviour indicates three broad social segments i.e. structural, symbolic and conflict. Structural functionalism Individuals may commit crimes on account

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