Wednesday, September 25, 2019

WEB SITE RESEARCH PROJECT (US History) Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

WEB SITE PROJECT (US History) - Research Paper Example An influential American artist during that time was Jackson Pollock. It was in the middle of the 1940s when Pollock introduced his drip method which immediately attracted the attention of the American public since it was unconventional. The drip method defied the conventional use of the easel for painting, instead, stick and stiff brushes were used by Pollock. The drip method of painting can be considered as the origin of action painting which is popularly held annually is public museums. Moreover, Pollock painted on the floor, not in the traditional upright position. Again, he was making a statement, trying to defy the traditional method practiced during his time. It can also be inferred from the presentation that Pollack achieved cult status since he was credited for changing the face of art through American methods. The website chosen is an article about Jackson Pollock. This article was chosen over other websites since it portrays and analyzes not only the works of the man but the man himself too.The article titled â€Å" Last Dance† is an art review of the works done by Pollock throughout his career. It was titled â€Å"Last Dance† since the critic sees Pollock as a graceful dancer when executing his paintings. As Haber claims â€Å"He laid it on with care, in dabs of black and skeins of intense color. He let it run off as he circled a canvas, as if it flowed from the motion of his body† ( paragraph 1 ). This article highlights Pollock’s genius in combining murals and drama as expressed by the use of Cubism, similar to that of Mexican muralists. After criticizing Pollock’s self-portrait, the critic then narrates the interesting and exciting journeys of Pollock into his life as an artist. The critic considers Pollock a rebel in expressing Abstract Art through his ( Pollock’s) extensive use of drippings that seem to be random but would converge later and produce a work of Art. In fact Haber’s critic

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