Thursday, September 26, 2019

MGT230 question Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

MGT230 question - Assignment Example However, any motives could be considered universally defensible because people act rationally. This means that since whistle-blowing is a rational choice, then one can substantially universally defend it as a good act or choice. Thus, this is a means to an end, because Kantian theory argues that people act something because that is the rational thing to do. Whistle-blowing could be a way to solve conflict or expose the truth for the benefit of every concerned. This makes this act a means to achieving the desired end. The end, which is the output of a rational choice, would still remain universally defensible because it is part of the rational choice itself. Considering that people act on rational motives, then the rational thing to do is act on duty. Knowing that whistle-blowing is a rational choice, then doing so is acting on duty or on the basis of a good will. Thus, it is clear therefore that Kantian ethics finds whistle-blowing ethical, as far as it is acted on duty, a rational c hoice or a means to an end. 5. Is it unrealistic to imagine that there will be no sexual interaction between individuals in the workplace? Why/why not? Can a policy that prevents workmates from having an intimate relationship be morally justified? Then provide your reasoning (e,g, if you argue that it is unreasonable, you might argue that owing to long working hours, many people do not have very much time to socialize outside of their workplace and/or that when individuals work together closely, it is natural for bonds to form. If you argue that it is reasonable, provide your reasoning e.g. adults should be able to control themselves in the workplace, if they are aware of the rules, they should either comply or find alternative employment - there are plenty of other arguments for/against the premise of the question). Finally, answer the last part of the question –

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