Monday, September 9, 2019

IRobot Article Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

IRobot - Article Example The Roomba Robot was a home care robot that would take care of some fundamental home care duties such as house cleaning. In addition, iRobot carried out some military duties and was used for military defense. The launch of iRobot was a success for the iRobot company, and made work easier for both home use and military use. The board of directors provides a great source of intelligence or the running hand the management of the company. The iRobot company secured a long-standing contract with the military. In order to achieve its success, iRobot has had to undertake intensive research and development and budget allot of money on its noble idea. The aim of this industry was to become the leading robotic industry in the world. This made the company grow to recruit over 500 highly qualified professionals who ensured that the company achieved its objectives. Moreover, the company made alliances with other highly qualified commercial companies such as the Boeing group, and the advanced scientific concept. The motive of these alliances was to enable the company to develop and improve upon products that was almost impossible for the company to develop by itself using its own technology. In order to achieve these high standards, the company had to have a good financial position with an excellent cash and long-term debt rate. This enabled the company to have a sustainable competitive advantage over other competitors such as Japanese’s robot developer companies. iRobot Company benefits much than other competitive companies. This is because of its resources and capabilities that have enabled the company develop. One of its main strengths is its cost advantage. The company benefits from cost advantage in that it produces robots at a lower cost than its competitors do. This is because of the high level of technology that they use with the help of other high technology companies such as Boeing and advanced scientific concept. Moreover, the

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