Thursday, September 12, 2019

The correlation and relationship between radical political ideology Thesis

The correlation and relationship between radical political ideology and religious devotion - Thesis Example For instance, a typical aspect of religious devotion would be â€Å"My religion consumes my entire livelihood† (Juergensmeyer 34). There are always strong claims from religion on people’s loyalty rather than the allegiance of the entire community. This is since those engaging in radical political ideology, often times, reflect on religious devotion through involvement and dedication. Therefore, it is always inevitable to separate religious commitments to conflicts that relates to political demands. In this case, it is notable that religious beliefs as well as practices have potential support for politics in several ways. The result has been the concern and attention that is given to particular needs of minority groups distinguished by their religious affiliation instead of ethnicity or gender. The accurate presentation on the massacre has attracted several debates. There have been several reports concerning the death toll. In this case, the reports reveals that the ATF agents four in total as well as eighty followers of David Koresh alongside his splinter group referred to as Branch Davidian Seventh Day Adventists were also involved. The event occurred in early 1993 when the ATF attacked and besieged, the fortified compound known to the Koreshians as Mount Carmel. The aftermath was that the area was rent into total destruction (Linedecker 70). The Branch Davidian Leaders have organized the survivors in the society into religious groups. For instance, the new churches referred to as ‘The Branch’ as well as ‘The Lord Our Righteousness’. From history, a number of these leaders have made efforts to change the massacre site into a tourist destination. The destination would comprise of an amphitheater, a biblical petting zoo, a museum including the gift shop. There would also be centers housing different issues such as organic farm and the Ten Commandments. The purposes for such centers are to lessen the impact of the massacre since those

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