Monday, September 23, 2019

Dispencing a contraceptive pills for minors without parental Research Proposal

Dispencing a contraceptive pills for minors without parental permission - Research Proposal Example Providing access to contraceptive pills has its pros and cons. It can be considered a good thing as it reduces the risk of pregnancy, however at the same time if parents do not know about their child’s activities it can be harmful to the child in the future. Taking contraceptive pills can have long term effects like hypertension and abnormalities in glucose tolerance. In my research I propose to answer question as whether parental control is necessary or not for the provision of contraceptive pills. During I research I came across several journals and articles which answer my questions. Article like ‘Adolescent Contraception’ by Rochelle A. Turetsky, M.D., Victor C. Strasburger, M.D., and ‘Fertility Effects of Abortion and Birth Control Pill Access for Minors’ by Melanie Guldi are some of the articles which talk about the different options available for contraception. These articles also discuss the laws related to confidentiality and access to contraceptive pills to minors. In my research I have used these articles and many others to help me provide strong argument for my

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