Saturday, September 28, 2019

Harley Davidson Report Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words

Harley Davidson Report - Essay Example The customers of Harley Davidson attend events like posse rider mainly because of the attachment they have with Harley Davidson. It is quite possible that if Harley Davidson name is not attached to these events the outcome of these events might very well be decreased. Moreover, these events provide Harley Davidson an opportunity to market their products in a much more convenient and economical manner. These events put Harley Davidson closer to its customers strengthening the bond they share. Strong customer relationships are maintained and this allows new customers to be targeted as well. When the customer of Harley Davidson even share their experience with others, the prospective customers may have a positive image of the brand and they may also value the relationship that the brand has with its customers via the arrangement of such an event. So, it is recommended that they should continue sponsoring Posse Rider event as it seems a profitable investment. Answer The Posse Ride has been profitable for Harley Davidson but the true potential of the event is still to be realized. To fulfill its true potential the strategic heads need to make few alterations to it so that it becomes unavoidable to organize. A well thought out structure of the event needs to be planned. The first step could be to go back to the basics and identify what mistakes had been made in the past. A proper research work will help in the right preparation for the event. Another step they can take is to offer new deals and packages in an effort to increase the worth of the event. A good route to the coast can be selected that will allow riders to enjoy the event and trust the brand's management towards event organizing. The event may add more segments to it which could attract more audience towards it. Lastly, the promotional strategy should be designed carefully.  Ã‚  

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