Tuesday, September 10, 2019

Portfolio Term Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Portfolio - Term Paper Example In our mentor class, we did a number of readings which contributed to my progress as well as my knowledge of people (human beings) and emotions. The first reading that we did was that of â€Å"Human Is† by Dick Phillip. The theme behind this reading was that of kindness in human beings. One character by the name of Lester intrigued me because of his human nature and character. He was a very mean person since he preferred his career and dreams other than his wife and family. However, he turned out to be a changed person who was kind to his wife and people around him. What I liked about this reading was that I experienced the same kindness when I went to school in the US. My classmates did understand me and where I was coming from and they helped me to achieve my improved reading and writing skills. The other reading that I liked was that of Calvino, â€Å"Love Far from Home†. I connected with it since it spoke a lot about love for family when away from them. This was the same feeling that I felt when I left my family to study in the US. The third reading that intrigued me was that of Pilz (2005). The reason why I loved this reading was that it gave me comfort that the experiences and loneliness that I was having were common among international students in the US. So this made me feel like I was not alone and better days were to come for me. The fourth and fifth readings were those of Berry (1996) and Berry (2009) respectively. Both readings gave me an insight into agriculture, culture and nature in the US. For example, Berry (1996) talked about the importance of ensuring that the environment that we live in is in accordance with nature. This made me look at the US in this manner – a lot of the foods are processed and that is actually the American culture. Back at home, there are less processed foods as a lot of people do traditional farming. In addition, Berry (2009) gave an emphasis that agricultural activities should â€Å"emulate nature†. He

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