Saturday, September 7, 2019

Montessori - Revise Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 29750 words

Montessori - Revise - Essay Example Resource books that cover this topic are Music books and art books. 106. The purpose of the Silence Game is about being able to pay attention to details. Its methods entail the use of hand demonstration to explain something without taking. Its benefits are that it enhances the child’s attention to details during demonstrations. 113. The presentation is considered both as a concrete and abstract presentation due to the senses involved in the activity. In this regard, the use of sight in the presentation is considered as abstract while the use of the sense of touch is what qualifies the presentation as a concrete presentation. 116. Explicit directions for presenting the variations have not been included in the presentation so as to enable the child to accurately distinguish items personally and also avoid confusion of the child. 1. The implementation of literary and rhetoric events were the important milestone events in the History of written language. In this regard, rhetoric devices were the devices incorporated in language manipulation so as to transmit the authors message in an effective manner to the reader. On the other hand, literary devices were used in literature that had a basic universal role of language expression to readers as an art form. 2. The term emergent literacy refers to how children interact with book through reading and writing. It is also a gradual process that takes place from the time a child is born to the time they know how to read and write. 4. Reading area is a very sensitive area for a child and therefore it is very important to make this environment comfortable, reading area can be enhanced by Promoting images or pictures. This provides an enjoyable environment for learning. 6. It is important for a children to start public speaking early because it develops their skills, through gaining confidence in their communication . This allow the child to join public

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